We will be headlining the second stage of Hard Rock Calling at the Olympic Park, London, on June 29th
We will also be headlining the second stage at Hop Farm on the 6th of July!
Then we will be headlining the Y Not festival on the 3rd of August…
And also headlining the Victorious festival in Portsmouth on the 25th of August.
Stay tuned for more festival announcements.
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First up I feel that I should acknowledge that for a band like ours, the idea of releasing a ‘Best Of’ was a pretty bizarre concept, and something that we viewed with a not-insignificant amount of skepticism. It certainly seems to be a world away from the scene that we originally came from. Had it not been for the fact that it was Wichita asking for the compilation, a label that has been with us from the beginning and whom we have so much respect and trust, we would probably have never got to this point. But they got me thinking. Had the Homosexuals not released their Astral Glamour anthology then a lot of people may not have come across them at all – myself included. Other less obscure favorites of ours such as The Replacements have released compilation records that stand up as an honest introduction to a band that otherwise may have passed you by, due to coming before your time. In this modern age it seems more valid than ever to try and leave behind something more than just a bunch of dead URL’s and (inevitably) time-stamped Instagram pictures. So, after some cajoling, when it came down to the task at hand we decided that the idea should not be to simply have a ‘singles collection’, but to try and choose songs which we feel are most representative of who we are as a group, and who we have been over the last ten years – the ones that are our personal favorites, and some that have proven to be favorites amongst our fanbase. Naturally, many of these were singles, but quite a few were deeper cuts, and by that same token several singles were omitted in their place.

I’d like to think that people who already like and understand the band will really enjoy this compilation, and will agree to some extent with the songs contained within. And hopefully, it will work as a valid introduction for any potential new fans as I mentioned above. I am, however under no illusion that it will convert those who don’t like the band – I would like to think that it would, but that probably isn’t going to happen. As a group that have always subscribed to Nirvana’s definition of punk rock “playing whatever you like, as sloppy as you like, as long as it’s good and has passion” you will find that all the feedback, occasionally wayward vocals, and sometimes ‘lo-fi’ recording methods are all preserved (some may say celebrated…) here and are probably as much as a turn off as ever. And that’s totally cool…we never wanted to be the quarterbacks or the cheerleaders of this world. It’s good to split opinion I think. We’ve just always got off on the immediacy and spontaneity of creating music, and seldom take the time to stop and consider or go over every minute detail (for better or worse). That’s just the way we like it I guess.

So enjoy! Or don’t…it’s up to you, either way is fine…but we sincerely hope that you do enjoy it. The only thing that I will ask is that you take it in the spirit that it is intended – a record by 3 brothers who just thought playing music would be a fun thing to do in a boring town, and who never expected to be in this position.

Thanks for reading

Gary Jarman

Portland OR, January 2013


NME Outstanding Contribution to Music Award winners 2013
‘A reminder of their heartfelt commitment to a struggling underground ideal’ – Q ****

‘‘Payola’ offers a compelling argument of the threesome as the most important and greatest UK band of the last ten years’ – DIY Magazine 9/10

‘A national treasure’ – The Quietus

‘This release shows what a huge footprint the Cribs have made on the modern music scene’ – Virgin 8/10

MOJO ****
CLASH 8/10
iTunes Standard - http://bitly.com/13jIEjp
iTunes Deluxe - http://bitly.com/UCVgeS
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It’s with great disappointment, that we have to announce that the release date of Payola has to be pushed back 2 weeks to March 11th. This is due to a manufacturing error which was completely out of our hands. We, along with our longtime art collaborator Nick Scott, spent months going through the archives and trying to condense a decade into a sleeve that we were all really proud of – a physical record is a beautiful object, something that can often be overlooked in this digital age – and we wanted it to be perfect. It’s a significant record to us and we wanted it to be fully representative of the last 10 years of our lives.

We’re really sorry you guys, but it is out of our hands. We had the option of just pushing the physical release date back and still putting the digital out on the original date planned, but that isn’t fair to all of you that pre ordered the vinyl/anthology/CD, and it is against our ethic to do that. As mentioned above we have a great affection for a record you can hold in your hand, read the liner notes of, and enjoy on that level- so to reduce that to an afterthought was never an option.

In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying the album we gave away with NME today, and that those unreleased tracks are enough to tide you over for now!

Thanks for your understanding. We tried man, honestly.

The Cribs x

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“The Cribs to pick up Outstanding Contribution To Music at NME Awards 2013″

…Thank you NME!


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