Payola 2002 -2012. The New Album

On the 25th of February 2013, The Cribs will release ‘Payola’ – a 22 track album charting the bands progression from their inception in 2002, through their 5 studio albums to the present day.

Available on CD and Vinyl, “Payola” is the definitive collection of the best of The Cribs back catalogue, and will feature recordings and songs previously unavailable – including the much sought after “Leather Jacket Love Song”, the last song completed as a 4 piece in 2010 with former guitarist Johnny Marr.

For the avid Cribs fan there will also be a deluxe edition complete with an 18 track B-Sides compilation, to comprise the 40 track “Anthology Edition”.

Check out today’s NME for a feature on the new album.  More details to follow.