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The Cribs back to a 3 piece

April 11th, 2011 | Comments (15)

Hey guys,

  So, as some of you may know by now The Cribs are gonna be a 3-piece again. That is a slightly less dramatic way of saying that Johnny Marr is no longer in the band. We don't want it to be seen as a split, that just has so many negative connotations and really doesn't represent the way everyone is feeling right now.


The truth is that, as Johnny said, we did more than we ever set out to do together really - we were initially just playing together as friends, and decided it might be fun to do a trademark Cribs 'surprise one-off seven inch' or something of that ilk, but as we went along we just kept writing. First it was a single, then an EP, we just happened to really enjoy playing together and ended up writing a full album. We were/are all really proud of the work we did together and we did mean it in our assertions that Johnny was very much a full-time member of the band. There were definite intentions of continuing on together and making another record - we even went into the studio with Edwyn Collins again last spring and started recording some stuff, but it just wasn't really working. We were all pretty burnt at that point and that is why we decided that after 8 years (I know, crazy!) and 4 records we should take some time off.


During that time we all intended on working on other projects (Ryan started producing and writing with Edwyn, Gary contributing to All Smiles etc) and at some point late last year, we just casually got together out in Portland as a 3-piece and it was so much fun. Johnny had started working on a solo record in the time off, and it just seemed like the right time to go our separate ways. It's not like "JOHNNY LEAVES!", or "BAND SPLIT!", or any of that drama - just a good time to do something else really.


No one is down about this in our camp. It's actually the start of a really exciting phase for everyone. Johnny has gone back to The Healers and is writing a new record, and we are really honestly loving being back together as just 3 brothers literally playing in the basement/garage again. Right now we are in Portland and demoing in Gary's basement and it feels so liberating. We have a bunch of new songs and are embracing the lo-fi again. It never was about fancy studios and LA and all that. We are back in our usual environment and feeling good about it. We've got everything we need.


We are also really looking forward to the shows we have coming up. We miss you guys.


Best regards - your friends Gary, Ryan and Ross (THE CRIBS)



20:21pm, 11-04-11

That's the way it should be... good luck guys!


20:32pm, 11-04-11

All the best! Looking forward to the new record and please come back to Australia for more shows!


20:19pm, 12-04-11

As the French might say in your predicament - J'en ai marre!
Never mind though lads, Johnny was always a bit Marrmite for me ;p


21:35pm, 12-04-11

end of the last chapter..start of a new


10:28am, 13-04-11

Ah... back to the brothers, may the love, blood and shattering climaxes continue. New Zealand needs your "direction" come back because you knew we were aborted. KMD


11:11am, 13-04-11

I'm a tad disappointed of course. Johnny has always been a special player and the alliance with The Cribs has been one of his finer moments. But - hey - life goes on. No mention on the site of your headlining set in the Word tent at Latitude this July. I'm hoping it's still happening. (Paulo Nutini in the main arena is hardly the alternative I'm looking for!) No chance of getting Stephen Malkmus to guest I suppose?


01:04am, 14-04-11

It was nice as three. It was nice as four. Just be. Be whatever you want to be. Thanks for the music and what's to come.


08:38am, 14-04-11

Sound perfect, good lo-fi again. Wanna hear the new material and cribs to come to Australia again, pleaseee.


13:01pm, 14-04-11

Brilliant!!! Best news iv had this year. The first time i saw you guys was in the tent at Reading 2005. Didn't know what the hell you were going to be like, i was only going to et an early spot for nine black alps. The cribs i thought, some half arsed rap act i expected. But no you blew me away i said to my then girlfriend " this is propper rock and roll" Needless to say nine black alps wern't a patch on the Cribs. Iv seen you with Jonny and without a number of times. No disrespect to Jonny but all eyes are on the bros and Jonny seemed cut off to the left. The record has it's place but not rock and roll enough for the Cribs i feel. Back to a three piece is nothing but VERY GOOD NEWS. Can't wait to hear those low fi guitars and cracking pop lines again. Bring on the new album..


18:11pm, 16-04-11

Best of luck to Johnny, but FAB news for The Cribs!!!!! Most respect to him of course, but here we go back to the 'real' Cribs sound we all love from you guys can't wait to see you at Kendal & good luck on the new chapter of the cribs!! xxxx


16:59pm, 20-04-11

"Embracing the lo-fi again"...great news! Sad to see Johnny go of course but you guys were always awesome as a three piece anyway. Jeffrey Lewis has always been the fourth Crib in my mind anyway. Can't wait to hear the new album! On another note, is Ryan guesting on the new Comet Gain album? I heard that somewhere, hope it's true........


16:37pm, 22-04-11

Johny is's nice to know that you guys have a great relationship together.
i'm waiting for the new album to come!


10:43am, 24-04-11

gonna miss uncle johnny! however looking forward to the bro's being back to a trio, can not wait to hear new stuff!


13:54pm, 03-05-11

I love you guys as a three man band, and with Johnny! Whatever you do I'm good with, as long as you come back to the states, (specifically Miami Florida) and play some shows! Iv yet to see you guys live, and its a top priority right now:) Please come back to us with some tasty tunes

strange fish

21:09pm, 10-05-11

hi guys i,m a 48 yes thats 48 yr old fan. It was when i heard johnny had joined the band that i got turned on. Johnny,s a god to me standin shoulder to shoulder with weller in my opinion. But i have to say i think your album,s without johnny on ( i still buy c.d.s an i,ve got the lot ) are f*ck*n brilliant there the complete package. Same skies on last album is outstanding i think J . Marr ,s contribution was significant BUT good call gettin back to a 3 piece all the best and keep on rockin in the free world.

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